José Manuel Marín, VOX senator for Murcia, has stated during his speech at the Motion urging the Government to create an independent expert committee, that the overall management of the Government in the face of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 "has been disastrous, and a real failure."

He has reproached the members of the Government who discouraged masks "when Spain counted a thousand deaths a day, they bought late and bad protection materials with the result that our country is today the one that registers the highest number of infected toilets in the world", and has added: "They also paid shameful surcharges for sometimes useless equipment, they have erased compromising documents and have not presented any scientific report to support their terrible decisions."

A Government in which the protection of the health of its population must prevail, cannot make these mistakes, so "we can only describe this Government as shameless, helpless, misgovernance and lack of coordination," Marín pointed out.
The result of the disastrous management has been 936,560 infected and more than 48,730 deaths, of which more than 19,000 in nursing homes, and being the country with the highest mortality rate.

Marín has made reference to the echo of the international press on the late reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias and the meeting by a score of prestigious Spanish epidemiologists and public health experts to urgently request an evaluation committee that can analyze the response that the central government is giving to the pandemic.

José Manuel Marín has pointed out that in our country we have “a record of deaths, infected health personnel, unemployed persons, ERTEs, hunger lines, the effect called for their vital income and you continue to lie despite the catastrophic consequences of the mixture of his clumsiness, recklessness and insolvency ”.

I National Congress Covid-19Between the 13 and 19 of last month, the I National Covid-19 Congress was held. From which came a Manifesto signed by a total of 55 National Scientific Societies, representing more than 170,000 health professionals. In it they established a decalogue on how the pandemic in Spain should be faced in the face of the growing number of new cases and the political class was insisted on accepting, once and for all, that to face this pandemic the dominant decisions must be based “on the best scientific evidence available, completely detached from the continuous political confrontation ”.

But the situation requires a dispassionate and rigorous review to understand what has happened, according to the senator. "If something has become clear in this tragedy, it is that society as a whole has had an exceptional behavior, that its sense of solidarity has prevailed and that its business fabric has shown efficiency and capacity for sacrifice", stressed Marín, who has affirmed that if this Government has shown something in the management of this crisis, it is great ineptitude, a complete lack of leadership, a continuous lie and a total inability to recognize mistakes.

Finally, and after presenting several amendments, VOX has voted in favor of this motion.

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