Prado del Rey, December 14, 2020. – Manuel Rodríguez has appealed to the government team to request a revitalization program for the population over 65 years of age.

“Programming for the elderly is almost non-existent, and in these times of pandemic, many people live alone and the possibility of being able to participate in some type of activity, provided that the preventive measures of COVID-19 allow it, is an opportunity to socialize with other neighbors and fight loneliness ”, declared Rodríguez.

The VOX coordinator has regretted that the policies of the government team do not differ one iota from those of other municipalities where the PSOE governs and proof of this are the gender signs that the mayor has placed in the city.

“I cannot understand why it is not invested in our elders who have sown the present that we have today in our town, and yet, if they do so in gender signs, and especially in a moment like the one we live in when many Older people with few pensions are not only supporting their economies, but also helping their children who have lost their jobs, ”Manolo Rodríguez denounced.

In this sense, the VOX coordinator for launching a volunteer program in which young pradeños can accompany older people who live alone in their homes.

“There is no doubt that the elderly population of our town needs better attention from social services, although we are also aware of the lack of resources in a small municipality like ours, and in this sense, we believe that a program Volunteering can be an excellent tool, so that the elderly are better cared for, ”Rodríguez stressed.

From the VOX team we believe that the company and the support of the volunteer become a key support for the elderly person to regain their self-esteem, improve their physical condition and resume their social life in the neighborhood and can carry out tasks as simple as going to the purchase, go to the medical center or any procedure ”, explained the VOX coordinator.

Finally, Rodríguez also wanted to highlight that a project of this type can be an excellent opportunity for collaboration with the Education and Employment ministries, and see the possibility that the volunteers who participate in these projects have some kind of academic incentive at the time of carrying out their training, or of assessment in the case of accessing a job for the care of the elderly.

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