The Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of Motril has presented a proposal to the municipal government, by means of which it urges to carry out a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for the northeast area of ​​the municipality with an investment of 22 million euros, to be financed through the European funds 'Next Generation EU'.

The project consists of actions that for the most part are already provided for in the current General Urban Planning Plan, for which they would be processed quickly, and that, according to VOX, they estimate that they could be completed within a period of three years. The investment of the 22 million euros, for its part, would consist of the following actions:

Actions for the regeneration of the urban environment. (€ 8 million).
Actions for the rehabilitation of public and private spaces (€ 4 million).
Actions to transform urban transport. (€ 5 million).
Rehabilitation and transformation of the EVA No. 9 Barracks into a university school and Museum of Military History of Motril. (€ 5 million).

Within the plan, the actions for the regeneration of the urban environment would include undertaking large-scale works, such as the construction of a four-lane road between the facilities of EVA No. 9 and the Hospital roundabout, which would favor the cohesion of the northeast area with the rest of the city's communication routes and will complete the Motril ring road. This work would be accompanied by the integration and urbanization of the space between the new road and the neighborhoods of San Antonio and north of Calle Ancha, with the creation of green spaces and for recreation, in an area where currently there are only bushes and weeds.

Also the peripheral neighborhood of La Nacla would be favored with the plan, by including the construction of a “vegetable corridor” and a promenade area in the vicinity of the Barranco de los Díaz, so that the neighborhood of La Nacla would join those of San Antonio and Calle Ancha, and for the first time it would be integrated into the urban fabric of the city, thus abandoning the condition of a peripheral neighborhood.

Regarding public and private spaces, the VOX plan reserves 4 million euros to rehabilitate and replace degraded flooring and urban equipment, the creation of free Wi-Fi points and the creation of new green spaces, as well as the rehabilitation of particularly degraded homes , improved accessibility to buildings and homes, and improvement in energy efficiency in homes.

For its part, the Motril urban bus network would benefit from the acquisition of four units of electric buses, the implementation of payment by card and NFC mobile technology, the implementation of real-time monitoring of buses using GPS, as well such as the creation of a mobile app with schedules, lines and forms of online payment. Also in terms of mobility, the installation of various charging points for electric cars is proposed, as well as the creation of bike lanes. Regarding sports, the rehabilitation of the most degraded areas of the Municipal Stadium is proposed <>, as well as the integral replacement of the lawn, which has been dragging severe deficiencies for years, and causing a bad image for the city.

Finally, VOX's “star” proposal involves the comprehensive rehabilitation of the EVA No. 9 Barracks located on Rambla de Los Álamos, and its transformation into a university center for face-to-face teaching for bachelor's and master's degrees related to the agricultural sector. This action would also benefit the neighborhood of Las Zorreras, to which access from the Ronda de Levante would be improved.

The VOX spokesperson, Miguel Ángel López, has expressed the importance that this plan would have for the northeast area and for the city: <>.

Finally, Miguel Ángel López has referred to this plan as a "historic" opportunity for the city that he hopes will be taken into account by the Government team: <>, concludes Miguel Ángel López, VOX Spokesperson.

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