Given the process of military reinforcement in which countries such as Morocco or Algeria are immersed, VOX has brought to the Congress of Deputies a Proposition No of Law so that Spain increases Defense investment to 2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and complies thus, with what was agreed at the 2014 NATO Cardiff Summit. For training purposes, Spain still does not provide its Armed Forces with sufficient funds and this “underfunding” has led to “the existing advantage with our neighboring countries being reduced drastically ”. A situation that VOX intends to change to ensure, among other issues, the defense of neighboring territories such as Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.

"Although Morocco and Algeria – which has made a qualitative leap in Defense – are partner and friendly countries, we understand that it is imperative for Spain to maintain its military superiority in the Western Mediterranean area," defends the VOX Parliamentary Group, in which integrates the national deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López. Specifically, the party stresses the need to maintain the advantage in the area from the Canary Islands to the Balearic Islands, passing through the Strait of Gibraltar, which allows Spain "to ensure its sovereignty over the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and over the Canary archipelago."

Furthermore, as the United States is the main supplier to Morocco and after relations between both countries have been strengthened in recent years, VOX points out that these relations are "key to securing support in the event of a conflict with neighboring nations." For this reason, the training bets for the Government to redirect "its efforts to staunch the relationship with the United States, fulfilling the commitments made and maintaining its image and reputation as a reliable ally" and therefore with this NLP it also seeks to improve bilateral relations with the United States,

Finally, the PNL presented by VOX includes the proposal to prepare a comparative report between the Spanish Armed Forces and their Moroccan and Algerian counterparts, to be delivered to the Defense Commission of the Congress of Deputies within one month from its preparation . A diagnosis of the situation in which Spain finds itself with respect to the closest countries that serves to improve its foreign defense.

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