The VOX Asturias Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposition No of Law (PNL) to the General Meeting of the Principality urging the regional Government to carry out serological tests to detect the population that has developed antibodies against COVID-19. A measure that will not only allow companies to recover their activity and the immune person to return to their routine, but will also be a vital tool for authorities in order to more effectively isolate the infected population, especially those most at risk. This is a health test that shows the levels of immunoglobulins (IgM and IgG) and determines the infection status of each individual and whether or not they are immune to the virus.
A health passport or a medical certificate would verify that this person is fit to carry out a job, regardless of whether or not it is an essential activity, helping to combat the economic collapse of the region. In addition, the proposal proposed by VOX includes performing diagnostic PCR tests on all health and socio-health personnel in the region, the State Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces, as well as Emergency personnel to know, in a way "Real", the scope of contagion in professionals in these sectors.
“At the present moment in which we find ourselves and given the paralysis of economic activity that has caused many Asturian families to be unemployed and in fear of many that the ERTEs (Temporary Employment Regulation Files) will transform into definitive dismissals due to the closure of companies ”, the VOX Asturias deputies“ consider it essential that the Asturian Government put in place the means to determine who has developed immunity against the virus, who is infected, who is a transmitter of the disease or who has recovered from COVID-19 ”. The serological test allows, from a certain level of immunoglobulin in the blood, to know which people are immunized against the virus, which means going one step further to the current PCR tests that determine only if a person is infected or not, but not if is immune.
The deputies of the VOX Parliamentary Group attribute the pandemic situation suffered by Asturias and Spain "to the absence of initial containment measures and to the lack of control and isolation of the population at the start of the crisis." For this reason, they urge the Government of the Principality to “take their proposals into account, implement efficient and effective measures, and help Asturians recover from the health and economic crisis that, unfortunately, already suffer or will suffer a large number of the citizens".

Measures included in Proposition No of Law (PNL) of VOX Asturias:
1st. – That serological tests be carried out to determine the levels of IgM and IgG immunoglobulins to determine the infection status of each individual and whether the individual is immune to the virus. These serological tests should have the highest sensitivity possible in order to improve the reliability of the result.
2º.- That diagnostic PCR tests are carried out on all the health and socio-health personnel of the Principality of Asturias, the Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces and emergency personnel to determine, in a REAL way, the contagions in these sectors.
31.- Once the IgM and IgG serological tests have been carried out, create a medical certificate or "health passport" for those persons immunized against the COVID-19 virus that certifies that said persons are immunized against the virus and that they are fit to return to perform their jobs, whether they are classified as essential or not, thus avoiding an absolute collapse of the economy. This incorporation must be carried out with the appropriate protection measures recommended by health organizations and experts.
4º.- Once the immunoglobulin samples have been collected, set up spaces for the technicians to carry out the tests, for example, the health centers that are closed in the afternoon or other facilities, thus speeding up the procedure for determining immunized people and , in turn, the incorporation of these into their jobs.
5º.- To urge the Government of the Nation, and more specifically the Ministry of Health, to adopt the aforementioned measures throughout the national territory to alleviate the serious sanitary and economic consequences derived from the COVID-19 crisis.

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