The president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, has made a series of allegations in relation to the technical report of the Declaration of the State of Alarm of the Underground Mass of the Cartagena Aquifer.

As reported by national deputy for VOX Murcia and spokesperson for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge Commission, Luis Gestoso, said report agrees with the appeals filed in which it was stated that the necessary evidence and witnesses had not been taken for the Declaration to be accredited, and refers to a more in-depth study, both of the causes and the examination of the witnesses in view of the extension of the aquifer.

The allegations mentioned by VOX are as follows:

-Delimitation of the underground water mass: the Cartagena field underground mass is located in the geographical area of ​​the Murcia Region by 92%, so it is not part of the territorial area of ​​the Río Segura Hydrographic Confederation but of the hydrographic demarcation of the Cartagena and Mar Menor fields.

-Lack of appreciation of the existence of hot springs: the provision for the use of hot springs has not been considered and for this reason it would be sufficient to declare the file invalid. The lack of appreciation of the same can be seen in that there is no doubt that the existence of hot springs is notorious, a fact known and disclosed by the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain in the following terms:

In the Campo de Cartagena, a volume of water of several million cubic meters per year is exploited by means of deep soundings up to 600 m deep with a temperature, in some cases, higher than 30 ″ C, which is only in a very small proportion used for energy purposes (for greenhouse heating).

-Insufficiency of sample points based on the extension of the Cartagena field groundwater mass: it is necessary to review the samples because the existing ones are scarce and inadequate to be able to affirm and maintain the existence of the effects that are to be maintained.

From the Technical Report it can be deduced that until now there is no scientific evidence that proves the existence of concurrence of the requirements for the declaration of the risk status of the underground water mass.

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