The VOX Municipal Group in the Guadalajara City Council has presented an amendment to the entire proposal of fiscal ordinances prepared by the Government team of the capital city council, formed by PSOE and Citizens, and up to four partial amendments because “What they propose is insufficient. From VOX we understand that in these times of crisis it is more sensible to carry out an austere fiscal policy, to focus on eliminating wasteful holes, reducing unnecessary political spending, and reducing tax burdens on families than to increase or maintain the fiscal pressure ", as stated by the VOX spokesperson at the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel.

In a press appearance, De Miguel has assured that VOX presents an amendment to the whole because "The Red Government, supported by Citizens, has more room for maneuver to help the residents of Guadalajara to get out of this crisis, which is having devastating economic consequences in the pockets of Guadalajareños and in their fabric of micro-businesses and self-employed." "Faced with this bleak panorama – the VOX spokesman continued – we need effective and real measures to mitigate the situation and that its consequences do not last over time. Above all, for the most vulnerable sectors ", has underlined.

For this reason, Antonio de Miguel has explained that, according to VOX, the fiscal measures that are adopted should be subject to four fundamental pillars: “First, unnecessary political spending must be reduced. It is more sensible to focus on eliminating waste holes than to raise or maintain so much fiscal pressure ".

De Miguel has pointed out that “These new fiscal measures for the city of Guadalajara must not harm the recovery and exit from this crisis that has ruined so many people from Guatemala. Tax policy must be adapted to the new social and economic reality to create a powerful economic and business ecosystem in our city and to create wealth and encourage our businesses. It is about reducing in a real and significant way the tax burdens of families. And thus to compensate the losses derived from the increase in unemployment or the stoppage of business activity ".

Similarly, the spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group has emphasized the need to "Revive and take care of our center because if we want it to stay alive, it is necessary to lower and make the conditions of this taxation more flexible, in order to give these sectors a real and powerful boost."

Finally, “Our fourth pillar is founded on the firm conviction and promise not to settle for a tax freeze or cuts in the face of the gallery of a hundredth. In our opinion, there is room for maneuver to further benefit Guadalajaran families and the underprivileged. What the government team is proposing is insufficient and therefore we present the amendment to the entire proposal ".

Partial amendments "of special sensitivity to those affected by the crisis"

In addition, the VOX Group has tabled up to four partial amendments. The first, referring to the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE), in which VOX proposes a 50 percent discount for activities of special sensitivity to those affected by the economic crisis: artistic, entertainment, recreational, cultural, leisure, restaurant and hospitality, lodging, tourism, travel agencies, passenger transport or research in medical sciences.

In relation to the Real Estate Tax (IBI), the VOX Group has requested a discount of 50 percent of the tax quota for real estate destined for the cadastral uses of leisure and hospitality, entertainment, cultural, leisure, cultural, tourism, travel agencies, passenger transport or medical science research.

On the other hand, on the regulatory rate of the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO), VOX requests a 50 percent discount on said quota to the holders of the premises where both leisure and hospitality activities, shows, cultural, leisure, cultural, tourism, travel agencies, passenger transport. In addition, he has asked for a 95 percent bonus to the owners of commercial premises whose construction, installation and work is aimed at increasing hygienic-sanitary safety and avoiding the risk of contagion of the virus.

Finally, and with regard to the ordinance of the regulatory fee for the opening of establishments, the VOX Group has requested a discount of 50 percent of the fees for the opening license of establishments of special sensitivity affected by the economic crisis.

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