VOXTrue to its ideas, it defends that “gender violence” does not exist and reiterates its commitment to end any manifestation of violence against women and against any man, child or elderly person.

Luciano Ferrer, councilor and spokesperson for VOX: "We condemn any attack against article 14 of our Constitution, which establishes the principle of equality among all Spaniards and offers the legal guarantee that men and women have the same rights without the possibility of discrimination based on birth, sex, age, race or ideology. . In addition, we declare the need to defend any victim of violence and to equally condemn aggressors and murderers, be they men or women.. "

In recent years, they have stated since VOXSome political parties and associations have instrumentalized girls and women through laws that collectivize and victimize them, presenting them as a homogeneous group, oppressed and incapable of fending for itself. These power groups try to divide society into exclusive groups with opposing interests, confronting the population to achieve their partisan interests.

In VOX They have no doubt that from the attempt to create this war of the sexes, the Gender Violence Law arose, which ends the presumption of innocence and discriminates against men for the mere fact of being so. A law that has also been ineffective in reducing the number of women killed by their partners, while it has abandoned groups such as lesbian women attacked by their partners, also women.

Luciano Ferrer: "It is an incongruity that violence is not condemned if it is from woman to woman if we also take into account that the gender perspective floods our politics, which shows that reality is falsified by identifying that thought with a group that does not represent the woman"

VOX wants, on such an important day, to be with all those people who have been victims of violence, women, men, children and the elderly and sends a special memory for those women and girls who have been abandoned by sectarian feminism, for not being useful for their demands and raise their voice for the girls, minors, protected in the Balearic Islands, who have been sexually exploited with the complicit silence of an unworthy government.

VOX asks the Plenary of the City Council:

  • The condemnation of any violent attack carried out against any person regardless of their sex, age or ideology.
  • The rejection of the collectivization and victimization of women, as well as the criminalization of men for being one.
  • The claim of Western culture, based on equality, against ways of life that treat women as inferior to men.

“I have no hope that this Institutional Declaration will prosper but we want to make our position clear before the arrival of the 25th, there is deliberate lying about the position of VOX”, Concludes Luciano Ferrer

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