During its first month in Congress, our formation has carried out a series of initiatives whose principle has been inspired to represent the voice of the almost three million people who placed their trust in VOX in the last elections of April. The actions carried out during these first weeks can be summarized as follows:

1. Regarding the imprisoned politicians, we submitted a request to the Congress Committee to declare that they had not acquired their full status as Deputy.

2. We made an application so that the deputies in prison did not receive a single euro. The Board of Congress gave us the reason and since then Oriol Junqueras, Josep Rull, Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Turull have not received anything, thus achieving having saved, in addition, € 20,000 to the public coffers.

3. We present an initiative to achieve real, fair and effective wage equalization for the State Security Forces and Bodies.

4. Regarding the negotiation with ETA, VOX has presented up to three initiatives aimed at clarifying how the negotiation was carried out and what is in the minutes, notes and reports of the negotiations between Zapatero and the terrorist group ETA.

5. In the fight against corruption, we have introduced a law that would protect whistleblowers in cases of corruption.

6. Finally, we have urged the Executive to ask for explanations about the possible interference of the Government of France in Spanish politics as well as our sovereignty or electoral pacts.

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