Jaén May 14, 2020. VOX Jaén has designed an important package of measures that aim to boost the city's economy.

Under the name of "Let's protect Jaén", the municipal group VOX has registered a series of actions aimed at promote the revival of the city's trade and hospitality, and that they have been presented by their spokesperson, Salud Anguita, to all political groups during the regeneration commission that took place last Tuesday.

During the commission, the VOX spokesperson repeatedly influenced in the need to provide effective and common sense real proposals that serve to help the city's commerce and hospitality, the main sectors affected by the coronavirus crisis and not empty texts that remain mere intentions.

Thus, the first of those measures recorded by the municipal group spokesperson proposes to the government team the reallocation of the budgetary items destined to the celebration of the chapel fair and the neighborhood festival to stimulate with commerce and entertainment the city's trade and hospitality.

Furthermore, the training led by Anguita has also requested a reduction of the concession time in urban planning licenses so that in no case the period of 15 days from their request is exceeded, and if necessary, consider the possibility that the new establishments could be launched with a responsible declaration, from the end of the alarm state and the de-escalation begins.

Tourism also plays a fundamental role in this package of measures presented by VOX, and from the training the city council is asked to creation of an advertising campaign to promote tourism in the city and its surroundings, as well as its natural spaces.

Another of the measurements recorded by VOX refers to a special city cleaning plan that not only guarantees its attractiveness to neighbors and visitors, but also helps ensure the health of all citizens and helps to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Also, it has been requested the sheeting of the main commercial arteries to quell the heat caused by the strong summer temperatures in Jaén and thus favor assistance to shops and hospitality businesses.

Finally, from VOX, the discount on parking fees and the creation of a children's entertainment program (sings games, puppet theaters, etc.),

In this sense, Anguita stressed that it is very important to prepare the city for a return to activity, not to the "new normal" as from the PSOE they want us to see. The only possible normality will be that the self-employed and businessmen of the city can recover the significant losses generated in these last two months in order to continue generating employment and boosting the economy of Jaén, and for this, we must be the political groups that are up to the task. facilitating their activity, the councilor of VOX has concluded.

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