Murcia, April 7, 2020. From the Municipal VOX Group in the Murcia City Council we consider that it is essential to be able to get out of the crisis generated by COVID-19, paralyze and in some cases eliminate all superfluous spending so that it is destined where it is really important: to alleviate the crisis economic.

Murcian businessmen are in a limit situation, that is why taxes must be eliminated, whatever their nature, so that they can get ahead. "You have to help them, not bleed them with the collection of a service that cannot be provided, which we consider theft," says the party.

The Municipal Group VOX in the Murcia City Council is going to present to the Municipal Government Board a series of measures aimed at improving the economic situation of residents and businessmen from Murcia. They are as follows:

-Immediately stop all ongoing expenses and subsidies, and henceforth eliminated all those that involve economic endowments of items whose object and purpose are not to meet urgent social and economic needs of the residents of the municipality, arising as a result of the health crisis and declaration of the State of Alarm.

-Eliminate all municipal taxes on those commercial and business activities, which have been paralyzed and therefore could not be carried out as a result of the Alarm State, in the proportional part corresponding to the period of time in which they could not be to exercise.

It is time to join efforts and optimize the resources available to be able to get ahead, at VOX Murcia Ciudad we are committed to it and we will carry out these measures at the regional level.

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