The Municipal Group Vox It has presented two motions this morning, according to its spokesperson, Luciano Ferrer, to "allocate all municipal resources to fight the pandemic and improve the economic situation of the self-employed, SMEs, businesses, companies and households in Castellón

In one of them, Vox requests to allocate the Municipal Allocations for its operation, that the political groups receive or have received during the period of confinement, to alleviate the effects of the health crisis that we suffer. VoxIt even asks the rest of the groups to return to the municipal coffers those allocations received to date and not spent.

The Municipal Group Vox, announces that it will return in full all the money received to date.

In the other motion Vox encourages the Mayor and her Government Team to reduce, as far as the law allows them, the fiscal burdens of families in the situation of confinement or isolation and to compensate the losses derived from the increase in unemployment or the paralysis of business activity.

Luciano Ferrer concludes: "We understand and understand that the Mayor is limited, since the declaration of the State of Alarm makes decisions centralized in Madrid and Valencia, but something more can always be done so I encourage you to use your power and influence to the best of your ability."

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