Madrid, December 10, 2020. – On International Human Rights Day, VOX promotes an initiative in the Madrid Assembly for the Government to establish a true social shield that protects families and companies from the socioeconomic crisis that we are going through after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, it is a Proposition No of Law (NLP) that urges the Community of Madrid to prepare an Economy Reactivation Plan that simplifies the current bureaucracy, reduces the payment period to suppliers, increases the aid of guarantees to face loans or direct aid to SMEs and the self-employed while the State of Alarm lasts. Likewise, VOX requires an extra pay for essential workers that is equivalent to 10% of their salary and that would translate into bonuses usable in commercial establishments (food, hotels, restaurants) in the Community of Madrid.

"In this way we recognize the workers who have risked their lives and continue to risk it, and we protect and give a boost to the commercial sector, which is the one that is going through the worst in this crisis," announced the spokesperson for the Economy of VOX in the Assembly of Madrid, José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé.

In addition, the national government is requested to recover and extend measures such as the mortgage moratorium or the prohibition of cutting supplies (electricity, water, gas) to vulnerable families, as well as the extension of ERTEs and direct aid to companies, SMEs and the self-employed. that include moratoriums on the payment of taxes or the suspension of the same in the case of ICO loans until the State of Alarm ends.

Finally, VOX demands the immediate stoppage of the planned tax increases announced by the social-communist Executive of Pedro Sánchez. What creates wealth is lowering taxes.

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