The VOX Parliamentary Group has proposed amendments to the Health budget for an amount of 3.5 million euros with the aim of creating a specific fund for actions aimed at improving the care and assistance of patients affected by coronavirus.

According to the spokesperson, Cristóbal Palacio, the project of General Budgets of Cantabria for 2021 “not only does it not specifically address the current situation left by the Covid, but they are also absolutely continuous budgets " that all they do is nominally increase the items from previous years, "without facing the specific situation of this pandemic”.

To the VOX spokesperson “extraordinary situations require extraordinary solutions ”and, therefore, as they have explained from the parliamentary group, "we have proposed a specific fund of 3.5 million euros to provide our health system with resources ”.

Specifically, VOX is committed to "Increase the number of UCIS to prevent them from collapsing", as well as "The number of beds available." Palace has added that "With those 3.5 million we have enough budget to double the number of UCIS beds, the number of COVID beds not available, not ICU."

VOX considers that the idea launched by the regional government to serve the elderly affected by COVID in Suances "it's good, but it's not running properly”. And under this premise, the VOX group defends the creation of a specialized center for COVID patients where they can enjoy all the attention they need and especially medical attention, something that the current center located in Suances is not possible.

VOX also proposes that in said center specialized in Covid, other patients who, due to their level of affectation, do not need hospitalization, but an isolation from their close environment that, under normal circumstances, cannot be performed. "It is about adapting to the disease, adapting to circumstances and preventing our economy from continuing to stop", Palace has concluded.

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