The Vox Parliamentary Group has regretted, "once again", the lack of "Strategy, coordination and improvisation" of the Government of Cantabria. For its Spokesperson, Cristóbal Palacio, with figures soaring since last October 21, when the barrier of 200 cases was surpassed, and with 2,400 new cases in 12 days, "the uncertainty added by the Government of Cantabria, with constant and improvised orders and counter-orders – as President Revilla himself has recognized, evidence that they have failed to manage the crisis ".

For Vox, the announcement of the closure of all town halls, interiors of hospitality establishments and the reduction of capacity in economic, cultural and sports activities, regardless of their convenience or not based on the recommendations of the General Directorate of Public Health, "they arrive again with no room for maneuver " since they come into force this afternoon and "without a plan B. ”

According to Palacio, “what the Cantabrians expect and need now is not a President who backs down "after the TSJC has overturned the suspension of the resolution of the Ministry of Education which, in turn, last Thursday interrupted the week of holidays from November 2 to 6. "The really urgent are measures that accompany that closure announcement ", says the Vox Spokesperson.

In this sense, taking into account the "wreckers" Unemployment data known today and that show a global figure of 40,771 unemployed in Cantabria, Palacio stressed that what the business fabric of this region needs is "measures to support and help the economy to avoid the worst case scenario, which is none other than the ruin of companies and families ”.

In this context of uncertainty and economic and health crisis, from Vox -as it has advanced- “We are going to urge the regional government to implement a line of financial aid aimed at ensuring the survival of workers, the self-employed and entrepreneurs ”. Economic measures that will be presented tomorrow by said parliamentary group.

From Vox, it is noted that it has been shown that Revilla "Lied in parliamentary headquarters" when he assured that it was not the fact that the municipalities were governed by regionalists (and that they accumulated the worst epidemiological incidence data) that prevented the perimeter closure, which now after the judicial blow will be applied in all municipalities.

In this sense, Palacio, after “the latest scandals, the lack of response to the dramatic economic, social and health situation and the continuous lies of Revilla " has asked all the parties to unite and create a "Government of Concentration that evicts Revilla from the Executive".

The parliamentary spokesman has stressed that Revilla “acts on impulse, without criteria and by slipstream”. And the result is "A society tired of occurrences, some families tired of being treated like sheep and an educational community at the drop of a hat".

"I think that after the last few days all the limits have been crossed ”, Add. “And Vox doesn't just say it; say the judges, teachers and families, unions and the board of teachers; It is seen in the street with mobilizations and strikes, and in social networks, which are burning”.

Cristóbal Palacio has defended that Cantabria is not for improvisations or uncertainties, with 38% more unemployment than a year ago, hoteliers on the warpath, retail trade in plummeting, and families and the self-employed in ERTE. “Cantabrians need certainties, security and a sensible command; and, from Vox, as has already been demonstrated, we will continue to be the only opposition”, Concluded the Deputy.

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