The councilor of Vox in the Santander City Council, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío, has urged the Government team to make the lighting "more austere" this Christmas and part of the budgeted money is destined to campaigns to stimulate local commerce and hospitality and social emergency.

"We understand that for the little ones lighting is an essential part of Christmas, that is why from Vox we do not renounce it, but in the middle of the health and economic crisis of Covid-19, spending must be balanced," he declared.

On the other hand, we also "consider" that the Government team "must rethink the dates on which the Christmas lighting will be maintained." "The solution may be that the lights are on for fewer days than those planned," he added.

"We are aware that 2020 is being a different year and that is why we also have to adapt these dates to the situation that neighbors are experiencing," Pérez-Cosío pointed out.

The mayor has also reiterated that "we will continue to insist" that the money allocated to ineffective spending be allocated to social policies and to Santander citizens with a more vulnerable situation.

The salary freeze is a measure that falls short

On the other hand, Guillermo Pérez-Cosío has valued that the proposal of the mayor, Gema Igual, for freezing the salaries of the members of the Corporation and general directors "falls short if it is not accompanied by the reduction of unnecessary political spending" .

"As we have announced and defended since we arrived at the City Council, we must reduce the number of beach bars, trusted personnel or the economic allocation to political groups," he indicated.

The representative of Vox has made it clear that "after the start of the pandemic we have insisted that it is now more necessary to reduce this type of ineffective spending."

"As the government team in the midst of the health and economic crisis rejected these measures, we did not sign the Shock Plan, even though we shared most of the measures," he declared.

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