VOX proposes exceptional measures to support the world of bullfighting. The Parliamentary Group in Aragon, through a Proposal not of Law, proposes six lines of action in the community. Also a battery of initiatives to transfer the central government.

In Aragon

The first measure is the activation of rural development. In particular, with the promotion of rural inland tourism and green employment. To do this, it is proposed that bullfighting shows be staged in Aragón. Like calves, heifers and bullfights. Or the redesign of the structure of the show, especially of the bullfights, and its viability in the third and portable squares.

Also, the promotion of bullfighting activity in places where it has roots or where it historically had it. And a review of the regulation, establishing a simplified procedure and authorization. All this to promote local festivities, through measures and direct aid.

The second measure is related to the administrations that own bullrings. And it refers to the restoration of the economic balance of the current contracts, as well as the flexibility in the concessions pending award in 2020. Either extending the previous winners or facilitating quick and non-speculative contracting procedures.

The third measure proposes a restructuring of administrative and production expenses of bullfights celebrated as mass cultural spectacles. And that the Public Administration assumes the health and veterinary coverage in bullfights.

Compensation, regional funds and coverage of regional radio and television

The fourth measure raises the approval of specific compensation. Aimed at bullfighting professionals whose contracts could not be executed, when the celebrations already announced were suspended.

The fifth measure consists of the provision of regional funds to favor the organization of promotional bullfights. As well as the activity of public bullfighting schools and bullfighting competitions.

Finally, the sixth measure calls for the collaboration of the Aragonese Radio and Television Corporation (CARTV). In particular, with the elaboration of a programming plan destined to promote bullfighting in Aragon. That helps to publicize, promote and reinforce its cultural and historical values, and its importance as an economic sector. And with this, promote the diffusion of bullfighting art and also promote the set of activities around this important tradition.

Bullfighting value

In the explanatory memorandum of the proposed PnL, VOX in Aragon refers to bullfighting as the set of artistic, creative and productive knowledge and activities. The concept includes the breeding and selection of the fighting bull, which converge in the modern bullfight. Also the art of dealing, a relevant expression of the traditional culture of the Spanish people. And by extension, any artistic and cultural manifestation linked to it. Bullfighting is an essential part of the Spanish cultural heritage, and especially in our region.

Bullfighting, defends VOX, is culture and popular culture that should be preserved, protected and promoted. Both by the Government of the Nation, as by the autonomous governments and by the municipalities. The culture of peoples is linked to the exercise of their development in freedom, since culture itself is freedom.

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