Madrid, October 27, 2020. – Not six months, not eight weeks. The fundamental rights and freedoms of Spaniards cannot be violated for a single day. That is why VOX has proposed in the Madrid Assembly an appeal of unconstitutionality against the State of Alarm decreed by the totalitarian Government of Sánchez and Iglesias.

"Sánchez wants to avoid parliamentary control, typical of totalitarians," lamented Rocío Monasterio. And he added: “Casado's proposal is just as unconstitutional. A moderate proposal is not worth it. If something is unconstitutional, you have to make an appeal of unconstitutionality and defend the freedoms of the Spanish. It is a very serious issue, especially when we are governed by social communists ”, he defended.

VOX will always continue to fight to defend the rights and freedoms of Spaniards, which is why it has urged the Assembly – the competent body to appeal to the Constitutional Court, once the appeal is approved in plenary – to appeal the latest totalitarian measure of the Moncloa. “We do not understand why Ayuso gave up his appeal. And we don't understand why Sánchez's infiltrator defends his policies today. We will support Ayuso in everything that is to defend the freedoms of the people of Madrid, ”the VOX spokeswoman insisted.

Likewise, he stressed the need to establish a protection plan against the Coronavirus, instead of always resorting to confinements. "Only VOX has proposals," said Monasterio, who recalled some of the measures promoted by this Parliamentary Group: tests -also in pharmacies-, tracking -with the help of the military-, tents to reinforce covid circuits in Primary Care centers or controls in the Barajas Metro and the accesses to Madrid while Sánchez continues without controlling the airport.

On the other hand, VOX maintains its proposal to reduce taxes, compared to the proposal to raise them that Sánchez and Iglesias have made effective this Tuesday in the presentation of the General State Budgets. “Communists only create poverty. The solution is not to drown companies and families, but to lower taxes to create wealth ”, concluded Monasterio.

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