VOX in Aragón proposes to create a dependent child benefit for large Spanish families who demand it. With a special endowment for those families that have been directly affected by the health, economic and social crisis of the coronavirus. That they are in a situation of having lost one of the parents due to such illness. Or in economic situations of particular difficulty or risk of exclusion: ERTES, closing of business activity, bankruptcy, layoffs …

Likewise, VOX proposes establishing bonuses proportional to the number of family members. In all kinds of basic supplies such as electricity, gas, water, telecommunications services. Or in access to cultural property, while the state of alarm or the crisis situation due to the coronavirus persists.

Finally, VOX claims to establish measures for companies and public administrations to facilitate work and family conciliation. Encourage teleworking and part-time for parents of large families who request it. And in the special case of the state of alarm and confinement, to a greater extent.

The proposal has been defended in the Citizenship and Social Rights Commission by the VOX deputy, David Arranz.

Special importance of the family

The family is the main pillar and basic structure of coexistence on which our society is based. It is the last refuge of many people when they are victims of economic crises. And when public administrations or social services themselves are not enough to offer a cushion, they represent vital support or a lifeline in the face of adversity.

In addition, birth policies and their promotion are basic and a priority to face the demographic winter that plagues our country, and most of Europe. And to specific problems such as depopulation that affects Aragon.

And in the context of the current Covid-19 crisis, large families are a particularly vulnerable group. For which specific and concrete protection measures are not being taken.

In Spain there are about 700,000 large families. About 17,000 in the Community of Aragon, and they represent 10% of the population. And according to the 2019 FOESSA Report, 33% of large families are at permanent risk of falling into social exclusion.

VOX understands that the social and economic policies to defend the family and the birth rate are fundamental in our days.

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