The Municipal Group of VOX has registered a motion in defense and support for the commerce and hospitality sectors of Granada so that they can face the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, with measures that help boost both sectors and can save the businesses of thousands of residents of our city.

The VOX initiative, which will be debated in the ordinary plenary session of July, insists that "it is necessary for this City Council to take urgent action on the matter, engaging with a high eye on the immediate assistance of these sectors, which contribute so much to economic well-being and tourist of Granada and that they give us so much ».

Therefore, "we propose that the occupancy rate of public roads for the year 2020 can be prorated over the next five years, since having paid it at the beginning of the year the vast majority of establishments, in the next four years, this City Council will will reduce the proportional part of the rate for the year 2020 », explained Mónica Rodríguez Gallego, VOX councilor at the Granada City Council.

For VOX it is necessary, in turn, that “the exhibition of the sale items is allowed at the doors of the establishments, since businesses have limited capacity to comply with security measures. As in the hospitality sector, they will be asked for a responsible declaration signed for the proper use of public roads, without hindering pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks or the use of urban furniture, "he added. Monica Rodríguez Gallego.

"This City Council must commit to promoting our city as a Seguro Safe Destination’ among all possible national and international tourists who plan to visit and visit Granada, "the VOX councilor added.

VOX reiterates the need to promote these proposals, since “as a consequence of the Covid-19 crisis, the hospitality establishments and many shops in Granada have been closed for almost three months, with which their income was reduced in practically all of it. Unfortunately, the latest news refers to the closure of around 1,500 establishments between the commerce and hospitality sectors, according to sources from the Municipal Federation of Commerce, which will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs, only in hospitality are more of 2,500 open establishments with around 15,000 employees. In the commerce sector we are talking about figures that exceed 9,000 workers, many of them self-employed, who bear the most tax burden. These sectors are really the main economic engine of our city along with tourism. Their protection is of vital importance for this Municipal Group, since their future also depends on that of many families whose income is linked to the survival of these activities. It is heartbreaking to walk through the different neighborhoods of Granada and see the number of closed shutters, which carry a drama behind coupled with a growing uncertainty with an unflattering future.

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