VOX has proposed today in the Senate the creation of a permanent “Technical and Scientific Office”, following the example of countries such as the United Kingdom or Italy. "Spain needs to integrate into its institutions permanent tools that allow governments to nourish themselves with scientific knowledge and evidence, to make the right decisions at the right time, and that even allow us to anticipate the circumstances," argued the senator of VOX for Murcia, Jose Manuel Marin.

"One of the essential factors when managing a crisis of any kind is the appropriate coordination and directives from a single expert command, which draws up the protocols for the different groups, agencies and institutions," explained the senator, who has warned of the "enormous lack of coordination when applying and generating lines of action."

The senator explained that the lack of coordination has been demonstrated in the «creation of different security protocols for the same groups, elaborated with different degrees of rigor, or the different security protocols in Autonomous Communities and Town Halls, which in many of the cases have acted from the most absolute improvisation ”.

Marín has advanced that "the creation of a Scientific and Technical office" would facilitate "anticipation, anticipation and response capacity in the face of a similar situation, as well as the regional coordination of technical measures between health officials, and the coordination of political measures that have the territorial authorities ».

For the senator, Spain "must take advantage of this crisis to emerge stronger, and become a more modern and competitive country through scientific and technological knowledge." "Scientific evidence must prevail over the partisan demands of the government's political agenda, so it is essential that this body is independent and has sufficient experience and field knowledge," he pointed out.

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