After the pandemic generated by Covid-19 that has affected Spain, as well as the rest of the countries of the world, generating a health, economic and social crisis, in addition to offering an image of a shortage of health material, VOX Ceuta will propose to the Plenary of the Assembly the creation in the city of a strategic reserve center of basic sanitary material that includes, among others, masks, disposable gowns, Individual Protection Equipment (PPE), hydroalcoholic gels and respirators, "in order to alleviate this situation of deprotection, ”says VOX Ceuta.

"The picaresque has caused it to be marketed with the scarce sanitary material that was available. The response of the Government to alleviate this lack of resources, both human and material, has been poor and negligent ”, recalls the training. Furthermore, VOX Ceuta points out that the available sanitary material “has been distributed late and badly. In most cases with a dropper and, in others, with defective material ”. For this reason, the formation led by Juan Sergio Ronda will take this proposal to the next Plenary of the Assembly, in order to "be able to face future crises that may arise," says the party.

A proposal motivated by "the extra-peninsular nature of the city of Ceuta that makes the reception of this type of sanitary material even more difficult, leaving the Ceuta in a clear situation of inequality and defenselessness," argues the training.

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