The spokesperson for Vox in the Parliament of Cantabria, Cristóbal Palacio, has registered 45 amendments to the project of General Budgets of Cantabria for 2021 for an amount of 84.7 million euros, as well as 22 partial amendments to the Law on Fiscal and Administrative Measures. .

The self-employed, companies and industry axis receives the largest amount of the amended amounts, up to a total of 42.2 million euros. The 11 million in direct aid and 30 million in guarantees for entrepreneurs and the self-employed stand out, as one of the sectors most affected by the health crisis. It also includes 1.5 million euros for the expansion of the PCTCAN, 1.5 million for the improvements of the industrial estates or 50,000 euros for the implementation of the dry port in Campoo.

For Social Policy Vox has proposed to amend a global of 20 million euros and direct them to protect and help groups such as large and single-parent families, with 1.2 million and 900,000 euros respectively; 1.2 million for scholarships for university excellence; 5 million for training; 1.3 for domestic violence; or 1 million for daycare checks. In this chapter Vox includes 2.3 million to expand the Princess Letizia Reception Center in Santander, and 1.2 million to combat depopulation, the phenomenon of emptied Spain that affects the interior of the Central and Western Mountains of Cantabria.

Health is another of the large chapters for which Vox allocates 12 million euros, which would be aimed at creating a Special Covid-19 Hospital Center, the construction of new ICUs and the distribution of surgical masks among the population over 6 years of age while their use is mandatory. Also included are 1.5 million for the Covid 19 Medical Residence for the Elderly and to launch a free pediatric dentistry plan for children up to 14 years of age.

Finally 5.5 million would be allocated to Public Works and the Environment, especially to cleaning rivers, and another 5 million to pay the Public Debt.

Thinning of the Administration and tax cuts

In order to reduce the fiscal pressure of Cantabrians, VOX has presented 22 amendments to the Law of Fiscal and Administrative Measures, better known as the Accompaniment Law. Among them, the reduction in one point of the autonomous section of personal income tax, the reduction of the Tax on Documented Legal Acts from 1.5% to 1%, and the Tax on Transmissions from 10% to 8%. It is also contemplated to eliminate the Transfer Tax and the Heritage Tax, as well as to reduce the Inheritance and Donations Tax between siblings to 99%, as is currently contemplated between parents and children.

Vox also asks for tax credits for family care, sickness expenses, domestic help, birth or adoption during the first three years of the minor, as well as in case of widowhood. Also the deduction of the payment of interest on loans for university degrees and master's degrees and aid aimed at self-employment for those over 45 years of age.

Vox is committed to thinning the regional administrative structure with the elimination of two councils, which would allow a saving of 5 million euros. Thus, the parliamentary group has proposed integrating Social Policies and Equality in the Ministry of Health, Employment in the Economy portfolio, while Universities, Culture and Sports would be integrated in the Ministry of Education.

On the other hand, Vox defends the need to maintain parliamentary control over the ICAF, as well as the obligation to meet minimum requirements in the appointment of senior management positions in public companies, including personal interviews with the best three, university degrees and command of a foreign language. Likewise, the parliamentary group Vox is committed to positive administrative silence, and because the ownership of the legal entity bidder is known in all the awards of minor contracts.

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