"From VOX we propose the need to make improvements in the sanitation network that provide a solution to these conflictive points"

The Municipal Group VOX in the City of Talavera, defended in the plenary session last Thursday a Motion to address solutions on water rafts and street flooding that occur with rains as well as a study of improvements to the Sanitation Network.

For years when it rains in abundance there have been a series of floods that in most cases require the intervention of the Fire Service. These are mainly roads in which large pools of water accumulate that even make the road impassable and cause the flooding of basements and garages.

The VOX Spokesperson denounced "The negligence of the government team in not addressing even the city's maintenance problems", said "solutions must be proposed to the flooding of certain conflictive points in the city, so that the emergency services are not saturated every time these circumstances occur."

The flooding of roads and roads constitutes a danger for the circulation of vehicles, mopeds and pedestrians. This accumulation of pools of water is due to various factors that must be identified to address its final solution.

According to Moreno “The City Council has assigned water management to the Aqualia company, which is in charge of maintenance, supply and purification. Said contract is already in its last annuity, being the right time to perform a complete study on the deficiencies and necessary improvements of the supply and sanitation networks ”.

Vox Talavera municipal group

They identify that a lack of maintenance of the scuppers has been detected with large accumulations of leaves and dirt that hinders the drainage of surface water, this circumstance requires an improvement in maintenance, unblocking and cleaning more regularly.

Given this reality, we propose as point number 3 of the agreement: Establish regular planning for cleaning, maintenance and unblocking scuppers in all neighborhoods of the city.

As points four and five of the proposed resolution, they recommended in their motion:

.- Prepare a plan for the renovation of the oldest sanitation and supply networks.

.- Coordinate asphalt plans in line with the necessary network renovations. In other words, before paving any street, analyze whether it needs to improve its facilities so that you do not know of the circumstance of having to break a recent asphalt.

From VOX they regret that the motion was not approved when voting against the Mayor herself and the PSOE councilors, to whom David Moreno reproached that "despite increasing the debt of the council by more than 9 million euros in a year and a half, no they are solving the problems of the city ”.

Vox Talavera municipal group

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