VOX in Aragon has proposed keeping a minute of silence, at the beginning of all the sessions of the Cortes de Aragón, in memory and respect for the thousands of people who died from the COVID-19 health crisis in Spain. Said act is proposed to be carried out before each Plenary session, of the Permanent Deputation or of the respective Commissions, during the current session. Likewise, VOX in Aragon has proposed that the flags of the Aljafería Palace fly at half-staff in honor of the victims of this pandemic.

Solidarity, the only way to overcome this pandemic

On March 14, the current government of the nation declared the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, adopting numerous measures aimed at stopping the effects of this crisis. Today, the pandemic leaves numerous human losses on the way, which overwhelms us, discourages us and leads us to solidarity to combat this health crisis, solidarity that will be the only way to overcome this pandemic.

But those inexhaustible signs of solidarity, effort and recognition for all those who stay at home, for all those who care for us and risk their lives in a health center, for all those who protect us or who work so that we do not lack You're welcome, the Security Forces and Corps are insufficient, if we also show no respect for the pain and sadness that all the deceased represent to this day, which are thousands.

From VOX, leaving aside our ideology and asking the rest of the Parliamentary Groups to adhere to this proposal, we believe that we are obliged to pay our respect to the victims. And that we must manifest, publicly, the mourning, the pain and the grief together with our fellow citizens for the loss of all these people: old, old, young, wives, mothers, grandparents, fathers, brothers …, who are all our loved ones . And that is why we have to pay tribute to them in each of our performances, we cannot forget them.

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