Seville 7, December 2020.- Manuel Gavira, VOX deputy for Cádiz, has demanded from the Government of the Junta the need to extend the hours of commerce and hospitality in Andalusia, which in recent months have assumed harsh restrictions without these being endorsed by the necessary technical reports .

The reality is that a large sector of the population has the perception that these measures have been taken following more political than technical criteria, and that they have served the different administrations to evade their responsibilities and unload them on the citizens.

It should be noted that in Andalusia, these two sectors contribute 21.5% of the regional GDP and employ more than 670,000 people. Therefore, Manuel Gavira has indicated that "it is incomprehensible that the Andalusian Government punishes in this way two of the basic economic sectors of Andalusia forcing them to close at 6:00 pm."

«The effort and responsibility of merchants and hoteliers has meant that they are not a source of significant contagion, given the compliance with the sanitary measures imposed and, nevertheless, they are the scapegoat of the restrictive measures of the Junta de Andalucía, leaving them behind even being some of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 Crisis, "he asserted.

Critic of the Government, Manuel Gavira has asked that it "assume its responsibilities" and "have political audacity": "It is necessary that the administrations assume their part, without unloading the full weight of the pandemic on the weakest sectors."

The Cádiz parliamentarian believes that the Government of the Junta should bet on "improving the tracking systems, conducting massive tests and applying measures that in other parts of Spain have been shown to be effective in combining health and the economy."

From VOX we propose that the model of other communities in Spain be imitated and the curfew be extended to the maximum allowed by the state of alarm, which at this time is until midnight. And that until that time they can stay open the hotel business, and until ten at night the trade.

Likewise, VOX demands that the gauges be reviewed along the same lines and that unjustified perimeter closures be ended, ending general and indiscriminate restrictions, and applying clear, concrete and specific criteria that guarantee the health and freedom of citizens.

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