– Qualifies as "old, outdated and old" the 22 courses of the program for women to learn to ride a bicycle, "one more example of superfluous and unnecessary expenses of which the mayor must give explanations although he has the support of all his partners, from Podemos to Ciudadanos, through the Popular Party "

Seville, October 28, 2020. The deputy spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council, Gonzalo García de Polavieja, has qualified as "male chauvinist" he municipal program "Women on bike", comprised of a series of two courses per district to teach women to ride a bicycle they want to learn.

García de Polavieja has stated that “to begin with, It is certainly sexist for us to presume that women are the ones who do not know how to ride a bicycle, but regardless of this obviousness, the truth is that it is very difficult to understand that there are so many unmet needs of Sevillians, and that their tax money goes to stop on issues like these ".

“We suppose that parties like Ciudadanos will not criticize programs like this, given that they are the new partners of Juan Espadas, in a new twist for Pimentel. Of course, it will not receive criticism from the Venezuelan communism embassy in Seville, which from its outdated banner feminism, will see in courses like these a kind of feminist empowerment, which they will even think will solve any problem that Sevillian women suffer. Of course, we cannot expect anything, or any criticism, from the Popular Party, which will find itself very busy organizing its new work in its recent appointment as head of the opposition ministry.

The deputy spokesperson of the municipal group VOX has added that “these 22 courses for women to learn to ride a bicycle, they sound old, outdated and husky, And it is one more example of superfluous expenses that are paid with the money of all Sevillians. When Vox denounces that a large part of the money of the Sevillians goes to unnecessary expenses, we are crossed out of many things. But really, who would have to give explanations of these issues is the inoperative socialist government of Juan Espadas, Pedro Sánchez's butler in Seville, who with so many families not making ends meet, with so many businesses closing or about to close, he squanders the money of all Sevillians without criteria or common sense ”.

“Again, with budgets to approve around the corner, VOX will be the only party that performs true opposition to the nonsense that the left tries to impose on these budgets, with the acquiescence of citizens, with the support of Podemos, and with the paralyzing complex of the Popular Party "

In this regard, Gonzalo García de Polavieja has asserted that “Sevillians can be sure that at VOX we are going to bring the voice of common sense to the debates on the 2021 budgets, and that courses like these should disappear from municipal planning, which will always have to be aimed at helping those who are having a hard time due to this monumental crisis that the coronavirus is leading us to, the disastrous government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, and the non-existent opposition from the rest of the parties ”, he concluded.

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