Ceuta has already exceeded the barrier of 250 active infections of Covid-19 and those admitted to the Hospital add up to twenty, of which six are in the Intensive Care Unit. Despite the fact that this unit has seven beds, so it is at 85% of its capacity, Ingesa has assured, to VOX questions, that the situation is under control and that ICU beds can be increased by up to 200% if necessary. However, VOX continues to fear a possible collapse of the Ceuta health care if the rate of infections continues to rise because, to the lack of space, is added the lack of professionals.

Faced with this situation, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has addressed the Executive of Sánchez to find out how many intensive care physicians, who usually attend the ICU, have the University Hospital. In addition, the parliamentarian asks the Government to say whether it considers the number of specialists sufficient in the event that beds had to be doubled in the ICU and brought to 200% as a result of the increase in Covid-19 patients. According to the latest information, Ingesa has four intensivists and one of them will soon leave the city.

On the other hand, the national deputy of VOX has asked the Government of the Nation "in what number has the staff in the University Hospital increased, after it reported that" Ingesa has already proceeded to increase its staff, in Attention Primary and Specialized ”. For this reason, the Ceutí parliamentarian has also questioned how many contracts have been made of physicians, how many of non-medical and non-medical health personnel, and which personnel have gone to Primary Care and Specialized Care.

Opposition processes

In addition, López has questioned the Executive in relation to a response given by the socialist government itself, which affirmed that Ingesa will carry out the call for selection processes for health professionals, in addition to a process of labor stabilization. Some job offers that are years late, and that have not finished being published and this has been recalled by VOX.

The Government assured that places will be offered in 12 medical specialties. However, "the Executive does not speak of the number of positions that will be offered in these competitions" and this is what López points out. Faced with this situation, he has questioned the socialist government to find out the number of positions that will be removed from the selection processes corresponding to 2017, 2018 and 2019, and of stabilization. And the fact is that the Executive has not set the date on which the alleged calls will be held, because it has only indicated that "it is working on the preparation."

On the other hand, the Government of the Nation affirmed that "an analysis of the eventual long-term appointments is being carried out, in order to convert them into temporary appointments, if they are covering structural needs", due to the high rate of temporary employment in the Ingesa. For this reason, López asks when the conversion of long-term temporary employees will take place. "What is the number of places that will be affected?", Asks the Ceuta parliamentarian.

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