The next call for public employment in the Post Office in which 3,421 positions will be offered establishes, according to the draft that the company has submitted to the unions, that the possession of a university degree will be valued, and, for the first time, knowledge of English and Arab. For the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, this will condition the options of accessing a position of candidates with a long history in the company and "devalue their opportunities". For this reason, the parliamentarian from Ceuta has asked the Executive for "the reason why Correos includes in the scaling of the bases of the next call for public employment, knowledge of Arabic in Ceuta and Melilla, without being an official or co-official language in Spain "

This novelty will provoke, warns López, "that this merit is above the trajectory in the company of a worker devaluing his opportunities", and for this reason he has questioned the Executive "what is the objective pursued by the Government of Spain establishing that it be scaled down knowledge of Arabic in the public employment call of the Post Office ”. In addition, the VOX national deputy stresses that it must be borne in mind that, in both Ceuta and Melilla, the language spoken by the entire population is Spanish.

"Do you think it is fair and equitable that candidates' knowledge of Arabic scores up to 5 points equivalent to 20 years worked in the Post Office?" Asks López, who has also insisted on asking if he does not consider "discriminatory" establishing knowledge of Arabic in the announcement. For this reason, the Ceuta parliamentarian hopes that the bases of the call will be changed and asks the Government to say whether "it is going to insist on the intention of including Arabic, a non-official or co-official language in Spain, in the public employment call of the Post Office" .

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