Vox has raised in the Congress of Deputies a battery of questions to find out if the Government is going to implement a protocol in the reception of boats that arrive on the Spanish coast to detect possible cases of Covid-19 among immigrants who are on board and avoid the spread of contagions, as well as if you have any plans to deal with the massive arrival of vessels of this type that the Federal Police Union (UFP) is already warning about. The national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, is one of those who subscribes to these questions addressed to the Government of Pedro Sánchez after the UFP has submitted to the Government Subdelegation in Almería a letter demanding the adequate protection measures for the Forces of Security that take care of the arrival of boats on the coasts, after the 7 positive registered of the wave of the past March 30.

From the UFP they have warned that reception centers can become "the second major focus of infections if measures are not implemented to prevent it." In addition, they recall that there is an action protocol that foresees the presence of Foreign Health in the reception of a patera for the diagnosis of eventual diseases, of which compliance is claimed. Faced with this situation denounced by the UFP, Vox asks the executive of the coalition of PSOE and United We what measures it plans to implement so that the arrival of immigrants in the boat does not become a parallel focus of infection by Covid-19.

In addition, Vox asks the Government to explain what alternative measures it has put in place to deal, if it occurs, with a wave of illegal immigrants on the Spanish coasts taking into account the impossibility of expulsion due to the paralysis of the files and their impossibility, accordingly, to resolve them. "Is the Government going to implement the necessary actions to carry out the protocol that provides for the presence of Foreign Health in the reception of boats?", Questions the training to hold the Executive accountable on when it intends to "definitively activate" compliance of that protocol and what is the reason why it has not been followed so far.

Along these same lines, the party has registered another battery of questions to find out if the Government is going to take “some type of measure against the NGOs that continue to act as taxi drivers for the mafias that traffic in human beings in the midst of a pandemic that is causing a unprecedented mortality in our territory ”. "Will the Executive continue to allow hundreds of illegal immigrants without sanitary control to continue arriving at our coasts and jumping our fences", López asks to question whether the Government believes that our sanitary system "could support the escalation of the situation that could cause the uncontrolled entry of immigrants ”.

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