Los Barrios, August 13, 2020. – The local coordinator of VOX Los Barrios, Celia Fuentes, has raised the alarm at the constant presence of rats and cockroaches in different areas of the municipality as a consequence of lack of cleanliness and neglect of the government team.

Fuentes denounces the null management, lack of planning and lack of organization of the mayor, Miguel Alconchel, which harms the well-being of the basins and the street health of the locality.

From VOX we regret that the government team has not been able to attend the countless complaints in the constant presence of rodents and insects due to the absence of cleaning, disinfection and elimination of pests, among other reasons, because does not have the equipment enough to perform these tasks.

In fact, residents of Calle Ortega y Gasset in the neighborhood of Los Cortijillos, tired of the situation, they have transferred to members of VOX Los Barrios the problem of plague of rats who are suffering. Likewise, neighborhood representatives from many other areas of the Barreño municipality such as Las Presas, Vega del Golf, Palmones and La Viñuela, have sent us their complaints about the total abandonment and neglect.

“If a town renounces the maintenance, cleanliness and health of its streets, the plagues of rats and cockroaches will appear more frequently, as is happening in many of our neighborhoods. We stand before a recurring problem in all areas of Los Barrios ”, affirms the local coordinator of VOX, Celia Fuentes.

“It is time to move from omission to action. Neighbors do not have to continue to endure this problem, so we demand that the municipal government launch a urgent action plan in the town".

From VOX Los Barrios we appeal to 100 x 100, PP and Citizens, to stop looking the other way. "I invite you to take a walk through Los Barrios and meet the demands of the neighbors. It is not acceptable that citizens are paying the consequences of local government failure in cleaning matters ”, Fuentes concluded.

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