• He asserts that "we would like to believe in the height of vision of this Government, but we cannot trust ourselves because to date they are more in marketing and in servitude to Podemos, which will not renounce its ideological agenda that is subordinate to the common interest"

Seville, September 21, 2020. The Municipal VOX Group in the Seville City Council has shown its willingness to reach out to the Municipal Government of Seville in order to prepare the municipal budgets 2021, if the priority in Seville and the groups that are going through the worst as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group, Cristina Peláez, stated that “the municipal government still does not know the hole that will occur in terms of the decrease in income, that is going to occur without any doubt, and of this we are aware, hence our initial position of being responsible for this reality and not impose big red lines for budget negotiation, beyond that, obviously, we will request that certain items related to ideological and superfluous spending be eliminated that we will not be able to admit under any circumstances in the current economic situation ”.

“We would like to believe in the high-mindedness of the Government of Juan Espadas, but we cannot trust the least, because to date They have shown that they are more in the marketing, in the propaganda and in the electoral benefit in the short term, absolutely rejectionable issues, especially in the current circumstances, when there are tens of thousands of families who are having a really bad time, who have been left without a job and who suffer such basic hardships as food, housing payment or supplies . It is there, in this wide sector of the population, where this City Council must put the focus and respond to this challenge that today is a reality and that unfortunately it will increase ”.

Cristina Peláez has encouraged the Municipal Government “to work in search of the real consensus, without partisan or sectarian strategies; PSOE and Podemos must understand that we must work for the benefit of the Sevillian, an issue that we consider difficult because of the bondage of socialists to their communist partners. Our hand is outstretched, but we are aware that Podemos the Sevillians care very little, because They continue to do the same thing: to divide, to confront and to try to get as much profit as possible from the problem that grips all Sevillians to a greater or lesser extent ”.

Cristina Peláez, who has analyzed together with the deputy spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group, Gonzalo García de Polavieja, the first contact with the delegate of the Treasury, Sonia Gaya, has asked "more attention to neighborhoods, abandoned by Juan Espadas and his partners; to families, merchants and hoteliers, to small and medium enterprises. In short, to emphasize the recovery agreements that all the groups approved in the plenary session of last July. It is necessary to study the reduction of the tax burden and undertake the abolition of subsidies to feminist or historical memory groups, to put two clearly identifiable examples. The recipe is easy if there is political will to reach an agreement that benefits Sevillians, optimizing the scarce resources that this City Council will have by 2021 ", it is finished.

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