«A lieutenant, a Eurofighter pilot, a fourth-generation fighter plane, whose economic cost is over 60 million euros, charges the same as a Mosso d'Esquadra level 14 of the administration, ten levels below. Mosso, who receives 2.5 times the salary of a soldier of the same professional category.

This is the situation suffered by members of the Armed Forces in their day to day. Moreover, as the deputy of the GP VOX, Carlos Fernández Roca, has denounced in the Plenary of Congress.

«There are soldiers who barely reach the minimum interprofessional wage, despite the fact that the military is ready to serve Spain, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as exemplarily demonstrated in the fulfillment of Operation Balmis, "he added.

The MP VOX deputy has insisted on the need to repeal the law of 2006 and has condemned the treatment that the Socialist Government has given to the Armed Forces: "A disbursement of more than 9,000 million euros in the next 20 years and 53,000 military personnel, that sadly, will swell the queues of unemployment. A massive ERE that condemns our veterans to live on a subsidy of just over 500 euros. Something very typical of this social-communist government ”, he added.

What then does the GPVOX propose? A unique military career law proposal that It includes a transitory provision that circumvents the unjust veto presented by the Government to its processing. “Gentlemen of Citizens, a few days ago, in this same platform, they said that our proposal of law was leading nowhere. However, in their motion, they urge the Government to promote this Law. We are glad that they have changed their opinion, something suspiciously common in their political training, "he has settled.

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