VOX wants Interior to shield the Police and the Civil Guard in their fight against the drug trafficking commandos installed around the Strait of Gibraltar. This was stated by the national deputy of the training for Ceuta, Teresa López, after meeting in September with representatives of various associations of civil guards and police in Algeciras. And now, VOX has already presented a Proposition No of Law to support the Security Forces and Bodies and increase the means to end drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar. In addition, the Ceuta parliamentarian has addressed the Government of Pedro Sánchez with a battery of questions to find out what measures it is going to adopt in response to the demands of the agents themselves.

"The Strait of Gibraltar has become a strategic area for drug trafficking between Africa and Europe," recalls VOX in this proposal registered, among other deputies, by Teresa López from Ceuta. Likewise, it points out that, since Cádiz is the main entry point into Spain for hashish from Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla, in addition to Malaga or Huelva, they are also affected by the criminal actions of drug traffickers. It is in these places where the escalation of violence by drug trafficking commands has been verified first-hand, and for this reason VOX demands that this area be declared of special singularity in order to protect the agents from the operations, provide it with specific investments to fight against the crime, and increase the number of police and civil guards.

"The Spanish Association of Civil Guards has for years been warning of the danger of these organizations and repeatedly requesting more civil guards and means to combat them throughout the Strait area," says VOX. For this reason, it includes in the NLP the proposal for the Unified Association of Civil Guards to create a specialized unit. In this case, the party is betting on a stable and decentralized special economic crime and drug trafficking group, under the command of three special anti-drug prosecutors.

In addition to more agents, VOX NLP calls for more material resources according to the special idiosyncrasy of the area, such as off-road vehicles, heavy vehicles for cutting roads, adequate technology for surveillance tasks, and defense means such as aerosols, laser guns or vests. bulletproof. It also requires patrol boats designed for demanding navigations such as anti-drug operations and that protocols and instructions for action and intervention are drawn up that place special priority on the authority, safety and protection of agents.

VOX also wants, with this proposal, that a legislative reform be promoted so that the escape before the police presence is a crime and that investigations for money laundering from drug trafficking be promoted. Finally, the permanent deployment of groups of Geos, Goes, CRS and GAR is proposed until the creation of a specialized unit, the presence of Europol and Interpol commanders, and that agents who carry out operational work in the field receive a financial supplement. .

In Ceuta, VOX points out, the Civil Guard Maritime Service also finds itself with unsuitable material means to intercept drug trafficking vessels despite the fact that the Government has denied, in response to another question from VOX, that there are deficiencies in this service. Therefore, López has asked the Government when it is going to provide the Benemérita with adequate means to fight drug trafficking, especially vehicles, and if it is going to increase the number of troops to face this battle "in a proportionate way". It also questions the Executive to know when the CNP will be provided with adequate vehicles and if its staff will be increased.

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