Los Barrios, December 7, 2020. – The local coordinator of VOX Los Barrios, Celia Fuentes, has visited the Plaza de Abastos of the town where he has shared impressions with the merchants to know, first hand, the position of the positions and their most urgent needs.

Fuentes regrets that the local government team “has never brought Christmas to the Plaza, where there is a total absence of Christmas decorations and activities due to municipal initiative”. In his opinion, this lack of attention "is a missed opportunity to revitalize these commercial spaces, just at a time of year with the greatest influx of public due to the increase in purchases of fresh products."

In this sense, the merchants have transferred to the coordinator that the only decoration that appears in the market these days is thanks to them, who have been concerned with decorating their stalls, although they consider that the local administration should do their part and help them to incentivize purchases. Remember that these sellers They pay their fees and taxes like everyone else and yet feel marginalized by the City Council.

"In the Plaza, not enough has been committed to boosting local commerce, a dire situation that is repeated in other emblematic corners of Los Barrios like in Paseo de la Constitución or Calle La Plata, where there is absolutely nothing to remind us that we are at Christmas, ”says the local VOX coordinator.

Fuentes denounces that “the image is depressing, taking into account the time of year we are in. With this, the lack of interest and commitment of the local government with the merchants of the municipality is evident ”. "City Hall has failed small entrepreneurs again in especially difficult moments, due to the Covid-19 crisis, where the barreño businesses make a considerable effort every day to raise the blinds of their establishments, ”he laments.

To conclude, the coordinator of VOX Los Barrios makes an appeal to the neighbors and encourages them to consume and promote the fresh products offered by the stalls in the Plaza de Abastos, as well as many local businesses, fostering local commerce among us and becoming the best publicity for what is ours and ours.

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