Algeciras April 24, 2020. The VOX spokesman does not understand the arrogance and arrogance of the mayor, who, being aware that more than 5,000 jobs are at stake, calls "irresponsible" the holding of a telematic plenary session to address the problems generated in Algeciras by the COVID pandemic..

"Helplessness and rage, that's how I felt this morning at the spokesperson meeting when the mayor of Algeciras has branded the proposal that the municipal group VOX presented on March 20 as “irresponsible”, a proposal made to hold an extraordinary plenary session in which all the political groups with representation in the municipal plenary session could contribute ideas and proposals to draw up a common strategy that would allow our city to emerge in the best conditions from the COVID-19 crisis, "Gallardo said at the end of the meeting. extraordinary that the spokesmen of the municipal groups have maintained in the morning of today.

The spokesman for the municipal group VOX has been very disappointed to see the arrogant and haughty attitude (to which he has accustomed us) with which the mayor has rejected his proposal, which he has branded as “irresponsible” and remembers Landaluce which is at this time, when the political representatives must give an example and show with their dedication and effort their loyalty to the citizens.

Gallardo invites Landaluce to take a look at the national press to see how other consistories are also committing "that irresponsibility" of calling an extraordinary plenary session to address an extraordinary and critical situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic with ALL the spokespersons of the different municipal groups, and encourages him to call his party partner in Almería, Ramón Fernández Pacheco (PP) irresponsible, who called an extraordinary plenary session for this same reason and which took place yesterday.

"If there is something irresponsible and anti-regulatory, Mr Landaluce is his arrogant attitude, as demonstrated today when he has not allowed me to even argue on my turn to reply" Gallardo lamented, who also recalls that last day 20 I send an email to all the spokespersons of the political groups asking them to put their differences aside and endorse their request submitted for this plenary to take place, without any of them having so far ruled or in favor precisely to avoid " friction ”with the mayor but proposing urgent, real and binding working groups instead.

"Not everything in politics consists of taking photos almost daily to feed the eternal narcissism with matters of little real value to the neighbors in order to appear to them to be doing something of benefit" Gallardo lamented regarding the attitude of the first mayor. of the consistory.

The VOX spokesperson hopes that in the face of the difficult challenge that the city has to face, which has currently registered 1,141 ERTES that affect 5,2929 workers, all groups will be able to join forces to work for the good of all.

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