The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Ana Maria Cerdán, has reproached the Botanist during the plenary session that follows mistreating and robbing the pockets of Valencians with more fiscal pressure, with more taxes in order to continue maintaining its beach bars, its army of advisers and its own welfare state.

Regarding the Proposition No of Law (PNL) of the Socialist Parliamentary Group on the Tax agency Valencian, Ana Maria Cerdán voted against and regretted that the Botanist keep raising taxes and increasing public spending instead of allocating those resources to health, education and to reactivate the economy. “It is your obligation to govern thinking about the welfare of the citizens and not your own; many thousands of people have lost their jobs or are still in the ERTE. The solution to your problems is not to entrust everything to public spending”.

He has also reminded the Botanist of the serious economic situation that the Valencian Community is going through, where more than 9,000 bars and restaurants have closed during the pandemic, and has insisted that helping Valencians with less tax burden is a matter of priorities.

Regarding the criticism of the Consell to the so-called fiscal dumping (benefits and tax reductions offered by some autonomous communities to their citizens such as Madrid) the deputy of VOX has stated that this it is just another smokescreen of the Botanical. "As Daddy State we financially mistreats, we Valencians have to compensate for this mistreatment with double taxation, with more taxes, to maintain their state of well-being and their beach bars ”.

Cerdán has advocated for a lower taxes and by a tax harmonization law at the national level to alleviate the tax burden on Spanish families and companies. “Once again they give us the reason that the autonomies create differences, duplicity and waste and it is the greatest ‘fiscal dumping’ that Spain has at this time”.

The VOX deputy has spoiled the left that her counterparts in Congress have announced a rise in corporate tax, wealth and personal income tax, and that they have no qualms about vote in favor of raising the salary of the deputies. "They should tighten their belts," he snapped.

On the initiative of the Popular Parliamentary Group to provide aid to the self-employed, VOX has voted in favor, understanding that it is necessary to support them so that they generate wealth and employment. "You have to eliminate superfluous expenses and, of course, not raise taxes more”.

In reference to NLP on redistribution of European funds, presented by the Parliamentary Group Compromís, VOX has voted against and has demanded caution when managing that money, the Next Generation Recovery Funds, and that they are destined where they are most needed in health, education, economy …

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