The Municipal Group of VOX in the City of Granada has insisted today on the lack of foresight of the government team of PP and Citizens by announcing 1,400,000 euros in bonuses in the rate of occupation of public roads without being foreseen in the approved budget ago few weeks with the support of the PSOE, which supposes a significant mismatch in the expected income for 2020.

Onofre Miralles, municipal spokesman for VOX, has asked the Councilors for the Economy and Citizen Security, Luis González and César Díaz, to "wake up from the summer siesta in which they have been immersed since June last year, since today they have asked in a wheel press the repeal of a Royal Decree, on 27/2020 on making the remnants of the town councils available, a measure that the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) reported was voluntary
-by means of a circular sent on August 6-, so the Granada City Council has until the 15th to decide whether or not to accept the disposal of that remnant ”.

"This ignorance of the rules and recommendations of the FEMP are another symptom of the improvisation with which PP and Ciudadanos act, and shows that the budgets approved thanks to the PSOE are those of 'Pepe Gotera and Otilio'. Granada's merchants, hoteliers and businessmen do not deserve a paralyzed, poorly trained and informal municipal government team ”.

From VOX they have insisted, on the other hand, that “the agreement signed between the social-communist government of PSOE and Podemos and the FEMP is not only unfair, it is unsupportive, because it works as a blackmail to the municipalities: those who do not deliver the remaining treasury municipalities will be excluded from the distribution of aid and transfers.

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