Rota, August 13, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the City Council of Rota has expressed its most absolute indignation at the attitude of rejection and contempt, by the government team, towards the figure of D. Juan Carlos I after the withdrawal of the table from the plenary hall, as well as well as the bust located in the courtyard of Castillo de Luna (seat of the Consistory).

From VOX we consider that this action has been carried out "at night and treacherously" since, at no time has the opinion of the rest of the parties been taken into account, thus ignoring the large number of Roteño citizens they represent and who must also have voice and vote in decisions of that caliber. For VOX it is a "total contempt and rejection" of the figure of the King Emeritus of Spain who, to date, has not been tried and is not even charged for any reason.

In addition, we are aware that the painting in the plenary hall and the bust of the main portico have not been the only elements removed, but that two other paintings located in different facilities of the town hall have also been replaced, as can be seen in the photographs attached.

From the Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of Rota we want to convey our deep rejection and disappointment for what happened and we demand that the mayor explain the reasons that have led the local government to proceed in this way. It should be remembered that the Socialist Party has recently issued a statement to its affiliates expressing its support for the Crown and the Parliamentary Monarchy, so we would be very surprised if the visit of Minister María Jesús Montero could have triggered these events. If so, it can only be deduced that one thing is what the PSOE conveys to its voters and quite another what it really intends internally.

We believe that the municipal government should be there for other purposes, but not to attribute powers that do not correspond to it, and even less without the opinion of the rest of the parties. The members of the government team should not set themselves up as judges of anything or anyone, whether they are public or private institutions, as they also intend to do with the American company LBAS, which they want to officially declare as "non grata company", information of which VOX Rota has become aware of it through the local press, without there being an official announcement or any communication whatsoever from the local government.

Councilor Esther Ceballos-Zúñiga affirms that “VOX wants to make a constructive opposition and these attitudes weaken the cordial relationships that we would like to exist, given the complex situation we are experiencing. The local government must focus on solving the needs of the municipality, leaving the matters that concern them to the courts and maintaining a relationship of respect towards the other parties, both in public interventions and in relation to protocol and forms ”. In this sense, the municipal spokesperson for VOX asks the socialists to give the other formations "the place that the citizens have given us with their vote, without trying to separate us from decision-making since, not only do they disrespect the councilors, but to all the voters who have chosen us to be their representatives in the City Council "

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