The municipal group VOX in the Zaragoza City Council considers that the modifications of the tax ordinances carried out by the Government are "Cowards, clearly insufficient." And that "much more can be done to truly support the sectors most affected by the new restrictions" derived from the level 3 health alert and the state of alarm. This has been indicated by the spokesman Julio Calvo in the press room.

VOX proposals

All the proposals for modifying VOX tax ordinances have been aimed at reduce the tax burden on citizens. Something that is achieved if the superfluous spending of the municipalities is reduced. This is, reducing the services that are provided in an overlapping way with other public administrations. VOX understands that “the City Council should not continue to maintain the same tax burden. Especially considering that the national GDP has fallen by 16%. Since many taxes are linked to the value of the taxpayer's assets (real estate or the vehicle's cylinder capacity). And they do not take into account how their income may have been affected ”.

“VOX proposed a distribution of the IBI drop, both the general type and the commercial and industrial type. Because in the same way that the income of families has fallen, so has the turnover of companies. In turn, VOX had requested a significant reduction in the fees for the transfer of the taxi license. And that the hotels are applied the same water rate as the residential sector ", Julio Calvo has pointed out.

VOX sets the agenda for the Government PP-Cs

Last Friday, the government announced a plan of tax credits for hotels, commerce, leisure, culture, taxi and restaurants. Already on June 4, the councilors of the municipal group, Julio Calvo and Carmen Rouco, appeared in the press room requesting to apply bonuses from the IBI and the IAE, similar to these. And to those that other Spanish municipalities have applied for months. As well as declaring sectors especially affected to the hotel and trade sector. Precisely, one of the particular votes presented by VOX (and rejected by the Government) was very similar to the urgent modification that the municipal government is now proposing.

VOX also wants to point out that the 14 dissenting votes presented have been rejected on the grounds that they did not refer to the specific sections that the Government has proposed to modify. A technicality that continues to be "a mockery of the resale right." In the same way as last year, all the allegations presented by citizen entities in the period of public exposure were rejected.

VOX is already working on presenting the 14 rejected individual votes as normative propositions.

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