Cádiz, November 25, 2020. – Ángela Mulas, deputy spokesperson for VOX in Andalusia and spokesperson for the Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation Commission, has reiterated VOX's commitment "to end any manifestation of violence against women and against any man, child or elderly person."

On the occasion of‘Day Against Violence Against Women’, From VOX we recall that article 14 of the Constitution "establishes the principle of equality among all Spaniards and offers the legal guarantee that men and women have the same rights."

«From VOX we condemn any attack against this constitutional principle for reasons of birth, sex, age, race or ideology. Furthermore, we declare the need to defend any victim of violence and to condemn aggressors and murderers alike, whether they are men or women, ”Angela Mulas said in an institutional statement.

“In recent years, some political parties and associations have exploited girls and women through laws that collectivize and victimize them, presenting them as a homogeneous group, oppressed and unable to fend for themselves. These power groups try to divide society into exclusive groups with opposing interests, confronting the population to achieve their partisan interests, ”he continued.

The VOX parliamentarian has stressed that in the attempt to create this war of the sexes, the Gender Violence Law emerged, that "ends the presumption of innocence and discriminates against men for the mere fact of being so. A law that, moreover, has been ineffective in reducing the number of women murdered at the hands of their partners, while it has abandoned groups such as lesbian women attacked by their partners, also women.

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