The national deputy of Vox, Emilio Del Valle has drawn the bleak and ruinous future that awaits Cantabria with State Budgets "of shame, stained with blood and stamped by ETA.

Del Valle recalled the "embarrassing" spectacle experienced yesterday in the Cortes "and Bildu, who are the filo ETA, presuming that they are decisive for the governance of Spain. " As detailed by Catalonia, it takes most of the investments, 48% more, while for Cantabria it falls by 14%. "Revilla has been deceived by the socialist party. In their day they signed the paperwork, they were so happy with their paperwork, and at the end they have collected the items corresponding to what was collected in that pact, but with minimal, ridiculous amounts”. Del Valle has urged Revilla to break that government coalition "for dignity”And to seek support "With the rest of the political corporations necessary to get ahead and finish the legislature."

«We already said in the campaign that voting for Mazón was voting for the PSOE. He made the birth on the day of the investiture and in the rest of the plenary sessions, since he supports everything that the PSOE proposes ", highlights the National Deputy of VOX.

Del Valle has stated that "Feel ashamed" when a representative "Which says it represents the interests of Cantabria" – referring to Mazón -, «at the moment of truth, all he does is support the interests of the PSOE.

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