• It calls to "prioritize expenses, eliminate purely ideological ones, and solve the low budget execution dragged by the institution"

Seville, November 19, 2020. The VOX Provincial Group in the Seville Provincial Council has voted against the Budgets of the Provincial Council of Seville for 2021 fictitious, while he has reproached the president of the provincial institution, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, the rickety index execution of the 2019 budgets.

The spokesperson for the Provincial VOX Group, Rafael Garcia Ortíz he has alerted that "the new budget is full of duplications and incurs more financial expense and superfluous expenses, considering that it is a fictitious text that will have to be subject to several modifications thanks to the budgets of the Junta de Andalucía and the State. For this reason, he has called “to prioritize expenses and solve the low budget execution " that according to the notice drags the institution.

García Ortíz recalled that, last year, VOX abstained “in order to empirically verify how the current budget was executed (2019 annuity) and how they intended to develop the items that they raised for this 2020 annuity. The bottom line is that, just as we feared, The PSOE uses filibustering, they exhibit something publicly to satisfy their followers but they do something different in private or they want it to run under the radar with budget modifications or credit supplements away from the media spotlights ”.

"This provincial group, trusted that the budgets were executed for the effective fulfillment of the competences that the provincial entity has strictly attributed, but we have verified the expansive effect with which they have been executed to water certain beach bars that we have asked to eliminate such as the FAMP with almost € 124,000 or the FEMP with € 113,000, which would be good to strengthen the Office against Depopulation, but the reality is that this program only contemplates € 60,000, which seems to appear for pure political posture.

García Ortiz has reproached that the PSOE "irrigate with current transfers to the City Councils so that they decide what they should do with the resources when the truth is that it only serves for the self-promotion of its progressive policies that have done nothing but lead us to ruin "

"We understand that they should use the ordinary surplus in the extraordinary Economic and Social Reactivation Plan, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the socialist government has led us to economic paralysis and social confinement with late decisions and crazy measures with improvisation on many occasions and contradiction on many other occasions. If they had not destroyed the economy or allowed the lack of control in borders, roads and ports, perhaps the business and productive fabric would have been maintained and countless lives of our people would have been saved ”.

The spokesman for the provincial group VOX has asserted that, "this fictitious budget, which we advance, will have to be modified several times to adapt it to the General Budgets (if they are approved <with the ETA seal, which the socialists of good it should be embarrassing) or to the Board's Budgets (which remains to be seen since what has already been agreed is to be fulfilled) we will be immersed in continuous modifications with processing of files that would have been saved if the project had been withdrawn as requested ”.

"What we we fear is that they will take advantage of the pandemic to continue creating captive vote via social aid or alleged employment opportunities, such as the 5 million in the social emergencies program and 10 million in the extraordinary program for the prevention of social exclusion, when they have not even been able to stabilize the public employment of this institution with numerous lawsuits and fronts in demand for decent jobs and completion of public job offers and subsequent selection processes ”.

"It never ceases to amaze us how they continue instrumentalizing victims of violence, collectivizing women and wasting money in hypothetical prevention programs against gender violence within the educational community, such as the 275,000 euros with which they want to continue putting their hands on our children in schools ”.

García Ortiz has pointed out that “we have also detected that they allocate the money that our bakers, fruit growers, farmers, ranchers, transporters, commercial and many others earn with the sweat of their brow to Information Points for Women, with 751,000 euros, when the truth is that used to hire related to the detriment of real equality, without discrimination of sex, therefore, the best thing they can do is transform those beach bars into true Family Information Points, which is the basic institution of society and its skeleton "

"The County Council must prioritize what is spent and what is spent on and of course, in this extremely serious situation our first. Spain is a great country that must first serve its people and contribute, to the extent of its possibilities and when its nationals are cared for, to the foreigners who are here legally, but we cannot continue wasting resources, so they must ensure that these resources arrive and that is why we must make an effort to ensure that the budget is executed at a higher percentage than what has been done ”.

Finally, the VOX spokesperson stressed that "these fictitious budgets They are based on income to be received from the State that has been questioned by Solvency Institutions such as the Bank of Spain or the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIREF) that far from fighting the economic, health and social crisis they allocate resources to those ideological bars, propaganda and immigration that we cannot support ”.

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