The Ministry of Defense will have a budget of 9,000 million euros in 2021, just 2.2% of the total general budgets, as recorded in the General State Budgets project (PGE). Figures that the VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has considered insufficient. "We have planes that fall, boats that stop at sea and vehicles that do not work," he denounced.

The senator has expressed VOX's "concern" about the "lack of interest of the Government in the defense of our borders and our territories." And the fact is that the Defense effort of 0.9% of GDP «is totally insufficient for a country like Spain, which aspires to be a strategic country, and because of the commitment we acquired at the Wales Summit to achieve around 2%, resulting in Spain being the country with the lowest rate in the Atlantic Alliance ”.

The senator has criticized that the budget restriction falls «directly on our professionals of the Armed Forces and on their families, who have given everything and have served the institutions with such dedication, playing a relevant role in the defense and security of our nation, and that their salaries are not adjusted compared to other public servants.

On the opposite side, Merelo has placed the Executive's interest "in satisfying the well-being of politicians, gratitude towards their government partners, media propaganda and gender bars."

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