He asserts that "the socialists are not aware of the urgent need for us to activate all the measures available to the City Council to help Sevillians affected by the consequences of Covid-19"

He recalls that after the holding of four meetings of the Commission "no measure has yet been adopted for the benefit of those affected and now they intend to rob the Plenary of its most important meaning, which is to approve and execute the proposals of the groups"

Seville, May 21, 2020. The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group at the Seville City Council, Cristina Peláez, he has rejected this Thursday the intention of the mayor of the city, Juan Espadas, of postpone political decisions for the social and economic revival of Seville due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Peláez explained that, at the last Board of Spokespersons, the PSOE proposed an addition amendment to add a previous paragraph to the text of the agreement “to submit to the approval of the plenary session not the approval of the proposed agreements presented by all the political groups in itself, but the referral to the Reactivation Commission, so that in its case it is discussed, it is worked on and it is brought to a subsequent plenary session for its approval ”.

"We do not understand that the PSOE is not aware of the urgent need for us to activate all the measures available to the Seville City Council to help the people of Seville., who are suffering, like the rest of Spaniards, situations of real need unthinkable a few months ago, but that is a overwhelming reality that should fall on everyone's conscience ”.

Cristina Peláez has recognized the legality of the measure proposed by the PSOE, but has warned that "in practice, if the PSOE measure is approved, we will waste a lot of time deriving issues that the plenary should approve for immediate execution to the Reactivation Commission, also granting more power to the Commission than to the municipal plenary itself ”.

The municipal spokeswoman for VOX has stated that "common sense dictates that if the proposals we bring to the House are good, there is no reason to wait for its immediate launch and, if rejected, we save the Reactivation Commission work. It is a total waste of time that we don't have. ”

"We give a vote of confidence to the Commission, but the people of Seville know that In the four sessions we have held, nothing has yet been agreed for the benefit of those affectedwho are waiting for some City Council measures that are not being approved or will be approved in the very short term by decision of the PSOE"

Peláez has asserted that "no the municipal plenary session must be robbed of its most important meaning, which is to approve or not the proposals of the groups, the only way to contribute agreement proposals. We do not see fit that they derive to a commission where VOX has chosen to present different proposals than the plenary, unlike other groups that present the same ”.

"We oppose the intentions of the PSOE not to put a discordant note with the rest of the groups, but because we understand that if the Plenary can directly approve the proposals and be found for their execution, there is no point in referring them to the Reactivation Commission, which will only bring with it a waste of time that no one would understand", it is finished.

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