Benalmádena, July 30, 2020.- VOX has once again remained only in its defense of the elderly. No municipal group has supported the Motion registered by this training in the Consistory so that the guidelines issued by the different governments based on not transferring older people with Coronavirus or compatible symptoms in hospitals are strongly condemned.

The GM VOX spokesperson Benalmádena has presented in today's plenary session a Motion for “Defense of the elderly and against mistreatment and abuse”, Explained that the guidelines by which the elderly have been rejected in hospitals, has caused a“ cruel abandonment and neglect ”, since they have been denied“ help ”and have violated articles 15 and 43 of the Spanish Constitution and art. 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"I never thought that this motion could generate so much political debate, when it has a moral and human burden that should not be questioned," said the councilor, who believes that the motion "should have the support of all political forces without distinction of any color ”.

He has also denounced that it has been "used" to make an "ideological discourse and self-congratulation of the actions carried out in matters of the elderly during the confinement", something that, as he has criticized, "only reveals the moral character of the Government PSOE – IU, and once again remove the self-criticism and reflection of the disastrous management carried out by the central government during the pandemic, and which has resulted in the inaccurate and growing number of more than 20,000 elderly people killed in residences ».

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