VOX spokesman in the City of Granada, Onofre Miralles, has shown his surprise after the news published in the media about the decisions made yesterday at the GEGSA Board of Directors. «We wonder if PSOE and Podemos have read articles 24 and 38 of the statutes of the municipal commercial entity, since the directors are obliged to keep secret about the information they have in the performance of their duties».

However, "we find that positions and debates are made public within the Board of Directors of GEGSA, violating the statutory scope of this company," added Onofre Miralles. As it appears in the statutes of GEGSA, in its article 24 on the 'Composition of the Board of Directors',' the directors are obliged to carry out their duties with the diligence of an orderly company and a loyal representative, being obliged to keep secret about confidential information even after ceasing office. »

In addition, in article 38 of the aforementioned statute, on the 'Basic obligations derived from the duty of loyalty', it is specified the duty to “keep secret about the information, data, reports or background to which you have had access in the performance of your charge, even when it has ceased, except in cases where the law permits or requires it.

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