The VOX senator for Murcia, Jose Manuel Marin, has been very critical today with the Confederal Left, during his turn defending the vote on a motion filed by that group, in which he urges the Government to "publicly express and make explicit the principles and values ​​with which it defends health care should be carried out at all levels."

"We have not seen them ask for free masks, or hydroalcoholic gels," snapped the senator, who has predicted that "they will not do it either" in the future, because "the government that you keep in exchange for perks will not he can afford it. You need taxes to pay for consultants, official cars, etc. ».


The senator has focused on the explanatory statement presented by the Confederal Left, which he has considered "interesting, at the same time surprising" because "they have little shame to incorporate them." Specifically, the Motion speaks of transparency as key principle to allow citizens to know how to protect themselves. «You say it, the same ones who support a government that knew since January that the coronavirus was spreading through Spain«, Has reproached.

On the other hand, he has criticized the Confederal Left talking about gain trust from society, «the same ones that support a government that in February brought Fernando Simón out to say, at a press conference, that in Spain there would be no more than one diagnosed case. And who have not asked any responsibility for it, "he denounced.

During his speech, the senator also referred to the situation in which the health workers were left after the expansion of the coronavirus. "They did not give Individual Protection Equipment to the health workers who were fighting in the front line of battle", and the consequences were: 17,394 professionals working in health centers infected until November 12 and 63 deaths until June 5.

Support for healthcare

For these reasons, he explained, “society cannot trust those who have not allowed their parents or grandparents to be admitted to the emergency room due to being older. Nor can he trust those who have ruined them.

Marín has not ignored that the Confederal Left that the Government authorized the export of medical supplies to Cuba in the midst of the pandemic and that Algeria, Peru and Guinea also received masks, clothing and glasses.

The senator has clarified that VOX «supports and will always support public health and private. "For this reason, this training incorporated a point in its Protect Spain program so that a 20% increase in the salaries of health personnel".

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