The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Ángeles Criado, has affirmed that life is of natural law, it is sacred, and has made a plea against abortion and euthanasia. “You with your policies promote death. Every year 8,300 children are eliminated in the Valencian Community without being born; 100,000 throughout Spain. Figures much higher than others that you enlarge based on budget and minutes of silence. We care about all lives, including the 55 women and 30 men who are victims of domestic violence, along with the 100,000 defenseless children who have not been born ”.
Criado has lashed out at the Botanist for promoting the struggle of the sexes and abortion; the policies of hatred, confrontation and death, "in compliance with international ideological agendas and in tune with the Machiavellian New World Order."
The Valencian deputy has advocated eliminating all budget lines linked to gender ideology and repealing all the wrongly called equality laws "because the only thing they generate is inequality, social discord, radical feminism, embezzlement of public money and beach bars, indoctrination of minors and imposition of the single thought ”.
Criado has proposed to replace the Ministry of Equality of Mónica Oltra by a Ministry of Family and Life, with attention to the needy without ideological bias. “Another thing that is left over is you, Mrs. Oltra. Go and make way for someone trained to fight for family and life. "
The VOX parliamentarian has reminded the left that VOX is "pure common sense" and has accused the Botanist of starting from false premises. Criado has affirmed that “violence has no gender” and has insisted that “man is not abusive or violent because he was born a man; it does not kill a man, it kills a murderer; he does not rape a man, he rapes a rapist… ”.

More attention to the elderly in nursing homes
On the other hand, the deputy Rebeca Serna recalled that 38% of those who died during the pandemic in the Valencian Community were elderly residents in residences. Thus, he has urged the Consell to provide these centers with audiovisual devices; provide them with antigen tests for the rapid detection of Covid-19; and psychological and spiritual care.
Serna has insisted on the need to create a registry of older people at risk with the consent of the interested parties, to detect older people at risk and who live alone in the Valencian Community. “At the beginning of the pandemic, in the first wave, elderly people who lived alone, infected and sick that nobody knew existed, were rescued. Hence the need for that record ”.
The deputy for Castellón has also requested the launch of information campaigns for home help, 'Menjar a casa' or telecare: “The Valencia City Council, with a mayor of Compromís, put into operation a helpline during the pandemic the older one with a schedule from 9:00 to 15:00 and when people called they did not pick up the phone… ”.

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