VOX Senator José Manuel Marín today reproached the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, for the loss of the Navantia contract to design the new FFG (X) frigates for the US “one of the most important orders in shipbuilding” . "Is this loss of contract due to the various protests that socialist governments have made towards the United States in recent years?" Asked the senator during his second intervention in the Foreign Affairs Committee that is being held today in the Senate. .

The contract that Spain has lost, in favor of Italy, would have meant for our country to pocket some 795 million euros, "in addition to prestige the Navantia brand in the world", specified the senator.

The senator has reminded the socialist minister of the words he said when he took office "Spain is back, Spain is here to stay." In this sense, Marín explained to him that "Spain is one of the oldest countries with the most history in the world, and in Europe" and "no", he had not left, he has always been here, the only thing is that during the Socialist governments, more than creating friends, have created enemies ”.

On the other hand, Senator Marín has asked Minister González Laya to take a position on the statements made last week on tourism by the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, when he referred to the Spanish tourism sector as "seasonal, precarious and low value added". "For a Spanish minister to speak with such contempt about a sector, capital, for our economy, is" negligible, "denounced Marín.

The senator has also referred to the words of González Laya in which he advised political groups "prudence" so as not to damage the image of Spain by way of running some "hoax". "It is this government, of which you are a part, is the one that creates the greatest number of hoaxes, and its president is in the lead", the senator has reproached, who has recommended "browse the newspaper archive" to check "the number of lies that the president of the Government has said ”. “For this reason, we could call him‘ President Pinocchio, ’” Marín lamented.

"We do call them liars and inept, especially in what refers to the treatment they have given in the monitoring and resolution of the coronavirus crisis," explained Marín, who recalled that "the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Congress, through the health commission, has been warning them of the dangers of this crisis and also indicating the measures that should have been taken. " "You did not pay attention," the senator has denounced.

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